Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

We’ve all been there – it’s the first hot day or cold day in South Carolina and we turn on the A/C or the heat and nothing happens. Or it hits 100⁰F and your air conditioner breaks. Nothing seems worse as the temperature in your house continues to climb. That’s the time you need to call Joe Burns Heating and Air. We can handle all residential HVAC repairs as they arise and we're acutely aware of the discomfort that comes with a broken HVAC unit. Joe Burns Heating and Air will diagnose and repair the HVAC on the spot if possible.

Along with our repair service, we will offer helpful hints about HVAC maintenance in an effort to prevent future failures. We can discuss the life of your HVAC unit, whether repairs will solve the problem or if there are larger issues at stake. If you have HVAC maintenance done by Joe Burns Heating and Air, you will be less likely to experience an outage at peak times. Our goal is to keep your house at a comfortable temperature, no matter the season. Contact Joe Burns Heating and Air if you have questions or need your HVAC system repaired.

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